A - B

Arigato Gozaimashita - Thank you (for training with me). Said at the end of class while bowing to sensei and sempai.


Bunkai - applications of kata

C - D

chudan - chest / solar plexus area (see 'target areas' )

chudan soto uke - outside middle block (see 'blocks' )

chudan uchi uke - inside middle block (see 'blocks' )



dan - degree of black belt

dojo - training hall

E - F

Empi Uchi - Elbow Strike (see 'strikes')

G - H

gedan - lower area of the body (see 'target areas')

gedan barai - downward block, lower sweeping block (see 'blocks')

geri - kicks (see 'kicks')

Gyaku Tsuki - reverse punch (see 'punches')

hajime - begin, start (see 'commands')

hidari - left side of target area (see 'target areas')

I - J

jodan - face area (see 'target areas')

jodan age uke - upper (face) block (see 'blocks')

K - L

Karate-ka - karate student

Kata - prearranged sequence of techniques and movement against visualized opponents


Kihon - basics

kio tsuke - attention (see 'commands')

Kohai - Junior student (relative term); e.g. if you just joined the club today, you are all the UTKC member's kohai. People who joined the club after you are your kohai. Steven Watanabe is Steven Yap's kohai.

Kumite - sparring

Kyu - degree below black belt (e.g. 9th kyu is white belt, which is 9 degrees below black; 7th kyu is orange belt)

M - N

mae geri - front kick (see 'kicks')

mae geri keage - front snap kick (see 'kicks')

mae geri kekomi - front thrust kick (see 'kicks')

maete tsuki - Jab (see 'strikes')

mawashi geri - roundhouse kick (see 'kicks')

mawatte - turn (see 'commands')

migi - right side of target area (see 'target areas')

mikazuki geri - crescent kick (see 'kicks')

mokuso Meditation: Seiza position with eyes closed (see 'commands')

Nukite - Spear Hand (see 'strikes')

numbers - (see 'counting')

O - P

Onegai Shimasu - Please (train with me). Said at the beginning of class when bowing to sensei and sempai.

Osu / Oss - a general acknowledgement from a kohai to a sensei or sempai that they have heard and understood what sensei/sempai has said.


Q - R

rei - bow (see 'commands')

S - T

seiretsu - line-up (see 'commands')

seiza- kneel with hands resting on lap (see 'commands')

Sempai - Senior student (relative term); e.g. John McEwen is Steven Watanabe's Sempai. Steven is Chris Achong's sempai. Both John and Steven are Chris's sempai. If you just joined the club today, all the people who joined UTKC before you are your sempai.

Sensei - Teacher, master (in the Japanese tradition, the term teacher carries considerable honour and respect)

Shihan - Chief instructor, one who has attained mastery

Shomen - 'the front', usually the front of the dojo where there is an area of focus symbolizing dedication to karate (in our dojo, the UTKC banner)

shugo - assemble (see 'commands')

shuto uchi - knife hand strike (see 'strikes')

shuto uke - knife hand block (see 'blocks')



Target Areas

Tsuki - punch (see 'punches')

U - W

Uchi - strike (see 'strikes')

Uke - block (see 'blocks')

Uraken Uchi - back fist strike (see 'strikes')

ushiro geri - back kick (see 'kicks')

X - Z

yame - stop, come to a halt (see 'commands')

yasume - at ease, relax (see 'commands')

yoi - be ready, usually used to call students to shizen-tai before an exercise (see 'commands')

yoko geri - side kick (see 'kicks')

yoko geri keage - side snap kick (see 'kicks')

yoko geri kekomi - side thrust kick (see 'kicks')

Yudansha - Black belts